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Getting to work with animals all day and helping them find their forever homes sounds like a dream job. But when you start a nonprofit, your time is spent more on business and administrative work than giving your critters the care they deserve.

With BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions, you can learn everything you need to know about running a nonprofit organization and get the help needed to start an animal rescue and make sure it stays afloat.

How To Start An Animal Rescue Nonprofit

Opening up a shelter isn’t just about getting cages, food, and space for stray animals, you also have to focus on the business side of starting up. That includes appointing a board of directors, adopting bylaws, incorporating as a business, and getting a website, most of which has to be done before you can even apply for 501c3 tax exempt status.

That’s a lot of work, but BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions has been through it thousands of times before. Our community of experienced professionals can not only tell you everything you need to know about how to start an animal rescue nonprofit correctly, but we’ll also help you get it done so starting up right is a snap.

Man smiling at a puppy at an 501c3 nonprofit animal rescue center

Running A Nonprofit Organization

You can start an animal rescue with just a little space, time, and a big heart. But to keep it growing, you need money. Developing fundraising events, soliciting corporate sponsorships, and grant writing are all full-time jobs, though. How do you hire someone to bring in funding when you don’t have the money to hire them?

That’s where BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions comes in again. Not only do we have tools you can use for earning cash for your organization, but we also have tips for how to make your donation applications stand out. Raising money and running a nonprofit are easier than ever when you do it in partnership with us and our experience.

Fetching Future Success

You’ve figured out how to start an animal rescue and get it on its feet. Now keep your staff and your money focused on the pets that need you by outsourcing a significant amount of the day-to-day business work to BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions. We offer bookkeeping services, help with nonprofit insurance, and guidance on ongoing IRS forms. Contact us to make running a nonprofit organization a walk in the park.

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