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Graphic Design FAQ

After you sign up for the service, we email you an order confirmation and terms. After you acknowledge this, we will forward you another email proving you access to our client only web tools & questionnaire. Once you complete this online questionnaire, we will call you within 48 hrs to set up a conference call with your service consultant. During this call the consultant will confirm information, ask you questions, answer any of your questions and begin to work on your project. Usually it is completed within 10-15 days after this call.

We have all the tools and trained graphic professionals. We are capable of producing high-quality designs that meet needed specifications.

No, our base pricing only includes the design work. We do work with a printer that provides extremely affordable pricing, and they will ship your final work directly to you. If you choose this option, your service consultant will send you several quantity options along with shipping charges to choose from.

Yes, however print shops require different “bleed” DPI and formats not commonly known to someone not involved with graphic design. Because of these challenges, most clients prefer us to source out the job to a professional printer.

Most of our work is custom-built to client specs, however, in some cases for budget-restrained clients, we have a variety of template designs with limited customization.

We can do a variety of graphic design work for any budget. Some examples of this include: business cards, stationary, tri-fold brochures, flyers, print and online ads, wall banners, trade show banners, signage, popup banners and more.

Most clients provide us with some text and general information about what they want. The designer will select appropriate pictures, colors and layouts. Once a sample is created, the designer will forward a copy to you for approval or revisions.

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