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Florida Nonprofit Document Requirements


The beauty of the Sunshine State and the feeling of getting to help people is a great combination. Starting, running, and growing a nonprofit can be tricky since there are a wide array of state and federal regulations to abide by. That’s why BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions is here with the know-how to answer your questions and help you get to helping others quickly!

Florida State Registration Documents



Articles of Incorporation

Business Entity Search



Average Processing Time

2-4 Business days

Electronic Filing?


Charity Registration

State Requirement?


Charity Registration Search


$10.00-400.00, Depending on Revenue

Renewal Requirement?

Yes – Within a year of initial registration

990 EZ Requirement?


Annual Report

State Requirement?



Annually, by May 1



Other Exemptions

State Income Tax


Sales Tax Exemption

Must file once every 5 years – $0

Tax Returns

All organizations (except those classified as churches) are required to file an annual 990 form (990N, 990EZ, 990, or 990PF) to be exempt from Income Tax.

The 990 return is due on the 15th day of the 5th month after the end of the organization’s fiscal year.

Failure to file for 3 consecutive years could cause your organization to lose tax-exempt status.

Florida Nonprofit Filing Requirements

In order to become an official Florida nonprofit, you have to incorporate with the state. There are several steps you have to take in order to prepare:

  1. Give your nonprofit a unique name that abides by state requirements
  2. Choose a registered agent: a business or entity with a Florida address that can receive important legal documents for your nonprofit
  3. Choose directors and officers: at least three directors or board members, and at least one officer with responsibilities in the organization including recording meeting minutes
  4. Adopt bylaws and a conflict of interest policy

Once you have all of these Florida nonprofit filing requirements complete, you’re ready to file your articles of incorporation.

Florida Nonprofit Articles Of Incorporation

Officially register your Florida nonprofit by filing with the state. There are several pieces of information you have to have ready when you do:

  • Organization’s name
  • Address
  • Registered agent name, address, and signature
  • Corporate purpose: this must have specific language based on your situation that is not included in the standard state-provided boilerplate in order to qualify for 501(c)3 tax-exempt status
  • Optional: officers and directors
  • Manner of election for officers and directors
  • Effective date
  • Incorporator’s name and signature
  • Correspondence name and email

Keep in mind that you will also have to file an annual report to stay compliant with the state, or the organization will be administratively dissolved.

Florida Nonprofit Tax Exemption

After you have your Florida nonprofit articles of incorporation, you can get an employer identification number. When you have all of that done, you’ll be ready to file for tax exemption with the IRS.

The bright side about creating a nonprofit in Florida is that they’ll accept a positive IRS Letter of Determination, so you don’t have to apply separately for state tax exemption.

If you’re looking for some help operating your Florida nonprofit and make it sustainable and keep it state-compliant, BryteBridge Nonprofit is here for you. We’re experts in the nonprofit world, having helped over 30,000 people with their nonprofits nationwide.

 Give us a call today to find out how we can best help you help others.

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