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OnDemand Grant Services FAQ

Each grant service package includes a Grant Organizational Profile document created specifically for your organization’s programs, foundation research based on the package size chosen, a dedicated grant coordinator to provide grant readiness guidance and education, and a dedicated grant writer.  

Historically, grantors have required a formal grant proposal document as the initial approach for funding, but recently many grantors have moved to online portals for their initial grant applications. The Grant Organizational Profile is the document we create specifically for your organization that replaces the outdated proposal document. Each Grant Organizational Profile document includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Organizational Information
  • Need Statement
  • Solutions
  • Methodology
  • Evaluation
  • Sustainability

Yes, we will gladly provide a formal grant proposal document if required by a grantor, however, we have found that creating a detailed Grant Organization Profile document provides the format and content more in line with the current requests that funders require.

We seek grant funding solely from private foundations in this grant package. However, if you are interested in pursuing municipal, state, and/or government grant funding, we do offer separate packages for those.

Your organization must first purchase a grant review. This provides 2 hours for us to review the specific RFP (request for proposal) that your organization wishes to apply for. One of our grant writers will review the RFP and determine the number of hours necessary to complete the grant proposal and application. An individual quote will be prepared based on the actual amount of time necessary to complete the grant application. The initial fee paid for the grant review will be applied to the total purchase price of the grant package. Typically, government grants take anywhere from 20-60 hours per application.

A Letter of Inquiry (also known as a Letter of Intent) is used to allow the grantor the opportunity to better gauge and understand your organization’s programs to determine if they are interested in learning more about your organization. This document consists of a 2-3-page brief outline of the proposed project or programs that require funding. Some foundations require this letter as the initial point of contact to ensure the project falls within their giving guidelines. The foundation may then let the organization know when, and if, more in-depth information should be submitted.

We will complete and submit the applications on your behalf; however, a member of your team will need to be engaged in the process and prepared to respond to any follow-up inquiries or questions that we may have regarding your applications.

Grantors may request any, or all, of the following documents to be included with grant applications:

  • A copy of your organization’s IRS Determination Letter
  • Your organization’s operational & program budgets for the next fiscal year
  • A copy of your organization’s most recent filed 990s
  • A current list of all board members, executive leadership, & paid staff
  • A list of any major donors, including grantors, corporate sponsors, etc. (If you provide information on major gift individual donors, they must permit you to do so.)

If you are denied funding because a grantor does not give in your geographical location or the foundation does not support program areas like yours, we will replace that grant application with another. Foundation requirements are subject to change and may not be updated in our databases. If the funding is denied simply because the foundation has chosen to fund a different program or organization, we will not replace the application.

No, it would be unethical to make such a promise. We do, however, guarantee thorough research and the quality of the applications we submit. We work hard to have a great understanding of what foundations are looking for, and we customize all applications to the specific formats requested by grantors. Getting funded depends in large part on your organization’s history of successful program implementation, the quality of programs offered, the methodology utilized and proven long-term financial sustainability. Between the proactive steps you take with your organization along with our services, we feel confident that we can help bring you closer to obtaining grant funding.

Some grant applicants may be approved for and receive funding within a year, while it may take other applicants years to obtain grant funding. However, just like advertising to create awareness, grant funding is something that must be implemented as one part of many diversified fundraising strategies. This is the reason we offer ongoing grant management services; applying for grants can be a lengthy process, and it may take several attempts over multiple years with the same grantors before an organization is approved for funding.

Many grantors are against this practice, and, additionally, the AAGP has ruled this as unethical and against their code of ethics. CharityNet does not want to facilitate any practice that may hurt your chances of getting funded.

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