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State Compliance Pricing

State Compliance
$ 399
  • Ensures all current required annual state compliance documents are completed to allow you to continue legally soliciting donations in accordance with state & federal guidelines.
  • Dedicated Nonprofit Specialist
  • Compliance Findings & Recommendations
  • Annual Report
  • Charity Registration (or renewal)
  • State Tax Exemption
  • State Sales Tax
  • Filings (when applicable)

State Compliance Features

State Compliance Overview

Our state compliance service are designed to ensure your nonprofit is current with all annual state requirements, allowing your organization to legally operate and solicit donations in accordance with state guidelines.

Dedicated Nonprofit Specialist

Review of your organization to identify any compliance gaps and complete state documents to meet current year requirements.

Charity Registration

Most states require a charity registration or solicitation to solicit and accept donations. Required to legally ask the public for donations

State Sales Tax Exemption

May be required for exemption from paying sales tax on purchases. Complete state sales tax exemption or renewals required by the state.

Compliance Findings & Recommendations

Your specialist will provide a report to your board summarizing our findings, work that was completed, and further recommendations for consideration.

Annual Report

Complete annual reports required by the state to acknowledge nonprofit is active and to alert state of any changes.

State Tax Exemption

May be required for exemption from corporate income taxes. We will complete state income tax exemption or renewals required by the state.


If electronic filings are available, we will submit all filings on your behalf electronically to the state. State fees are not included and the responsibility of the client.

Please note, that some states have more requirements than others. Our work includes all requirements in your state to meet current year compliance. Past due work or filings may result in additional work or fees.

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